Love Your Home

A True Artisan

Dan’s passion for doing what he loves and offering clients the craft he’s always working to master are what make our service special. Although he often receives requests for painting services on remodels, new construction, rental turns, and exteriors, those are sectors a world away from the homeowner interior repaint space where precision with trade excellence and workflow comfort in the residence you and your family live, are key. Drywall, trim, wallpaper, and texture work are sometimes associated with projects we do as well, but outside our capabilities. Our niche here at Artisan82 Interiors is exclusive to repainting walls, ceilings, trim & doors, and cabinetry inside the home’s of clients who prioritize quality, love their space, and value the joy and peace of mind that comes with a smooth, dependable process.



Make your house a home with a refresh or new color! Dan preps your walls for a fresh paint job by removing all hardware and switch plates, using Festool dust extraction during sanding, and covering your furniture with plastic, flooring with drop cloths.

Dan works exclusively with luxury paint brands such as Sherwin-Williams Cashmere, Benjamin Moore Aura, Benjamin Moore Century, and Farrow & Ball. His cutting-edge tools and processes allow him to paint approximately three rooms per day, which means your space will be transformed efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Being Dan’s client is a breeze! Your involvement is as simple as choosing a color, deciding to keep or remove wall hanging nails, selecting the order you’d like your rooms painted in, and moving your furniture to the center of the room. Dan offers Quality, Premium, and Luxury tiered pricing options to ensure that the project works for you.



Ready to transform your ceilings from dingy and dull to bright and clean? Look no further! Regardless of odd angles or height, Dan can handle any ceiling challenge. His prep work involves vacuuming, placing plastic on all furniture, and covering exposed flooring with drop cloths.

Dan’s paint of choice for ceilings is Sherwin Williams’ Promar 400 Ceiling Bright White flat. Ceiling work requires minimal client involvement and minimal inconvenience—if you’d like, you can choose a color other than white; if not, simply choose the order of the rooms, move furniture to the center, and let Dan do the rest!

Dan excels at brushing and rolling ceilings of all shapes and heights; no matter how your ceiling looks when he starts, you can rest assured that it will be beautiful when he finishes!


Trim, Doors, & Cabinetry

Transform your woodwork from tired to timeless! Trim, cabinet, and door work requires finesse; Dan’s meticulous eye and years of experience guarantee beautiful, high-end results.

This type of project takes place onsite and requires the use of a cleared 15’ x 20’ heated space with at least 8’ ceilings—an empty two-car garage is generally sufficient. To protect your home and health, Dan uses state-of-the-art tools such as Festool dust extraction sanding gear, vent covers, and Breathesmart air purifiers to eliminate dust, fumes, and harmful allergens.

Dan’s trim, cabinetry, and door services are the perfect fit for discerning homeowners. Although this type of project requires a more significant time commitment and investment from both Dan and the client, the results will be stunning and will last for years to come.